7 Tricks To Dominate Morning Smoothies

Springtime means more smoothies on the horizon in my world!

I love how quick ‘n’ easy smoothies are to mix up, especially with just a little advanced prep. Try some of these tricks to expedite your morning kitchen game AND add in more nutrients to the start of your day!

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  1. Make it Ahead.

    -Combine (most) all of your ingredients ahead so blending is a snap. Try glassware or sealed bags to store individual blender portions in the freezer. Generally, wait to add liquids til blending.

    -You can try adding ALL ingredients ahead! We put everything in our Vitamix at night (except certain liquids, like goat milk) and just stick the whole blender in the fridge, ready to mix the next morning. We like doing this prep together after dinner— one person cleans dinner while the other preps breakfast!

  2. Add Greens + Veggies.

    -Fruit rocks! But you can make your smoothies way healthier by adding in vegetables, especially leafy greens. My fav greens for smoothies are spinach, mild-tasting sprouts, chard, and collard greens (de-stem the latter two and use in soups!). Kale can be a little tough raw (even when blended), but there are tons of other softer greens that come up throughout the seasons to keep us fed (like creamy fava greens, zingy sorrel and more!). Add two big handfuls to every smoothie. PS, greens are the only smoothie ingredient I like to keep really fresh, and not freeze… but it can be done!

  3. Buy in Bulk and Freeze.

    -Buy your produce ingredients at local farmers markets when fruit and veggies are in season (and cheaper!). Then chop them up and freeze, ready to go. I stock up on things like:

    ——Fruits: strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, oranges, kiwis, apples, peaches, apricots, nectarines, plums, watermelon, persimmons, etc.

    ——Veggies: Summer squash, like zucchini (can be eaten raw, unlike winter squashes, which must be cooked), cucumbers, carrots, greens, and herbs.

    ——Extras: Local bee pollen, walnuts, sprouted almond butter, and herbal powders.

  4. Mix your Supplement Powders Ahead.

    -If you’re like me and enjoy playing around with lots of supplements or find yourself adding the same dry ingredients regularly, try saving time by mixing your supplement powders (or seeds, etc.) together ahead. Here’s what I do for this food prep.

    Yields 5 days worth of smoothie powders.

    ——Combine 5 servings of EACH powder into one big mason jar (size depends on how many supplements you’re adding!).

    ——My current example: 5 servings each of collagen protein powder, maca, ground flax seed, reishi powder, ashwagandha powder, and a liver-loving powdered herb blend.

  5. Add Fat + Protein.

    -In addition to incorporating greens + veggies, the BEST way to boost up your smoothies is by adding healthy fat and protein! This step helps transform your drink from a (nutritious) “high carb cup” into a more well-rounded meal that will fuel your brain, skin, and keep you feeling fuller longer. Win-win! Here are some of my fav ways to do this.

    ——Add high quality fat: avocado or avocado oil, coconut milk, mana, oil, or MCT oil, or even ghee or olive oil.

    ——Add high quality protein: collagen powder or bone broth powder, whey powder (for those who tolerate dairy well), goat milk yogurt/kefir, or coconut or cashew yogurt/kefir (avoid added sugar). Feeling wild? —try adding some bone broth or a raw egg! I double egg yolk dare you :)

  6. Rinse your Blender ASAP.

    Rinse your blender as soon as you can after use (a quick rinse in water will do), or leave it soaking. Avoid letting it dry out with food scraps inside to keep it quickest to clean.

  7. Use your Ice Cube Trays.

    -Try freezing liquids, like fresh veg juices, teas, or other treats you want to preserve, to add to smoothies (freeze in ice cube trays then pop into bags and label + store in freezer). You can also freeze fresh seasonal herbs in water in ice cubes (think “brightening lemon balm,” “restoring tulsi,” or a “refreshing peppermint” smoothie in warm months.

Happy blending, babes!