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I'm Clare And I'm Here To Help You Feel Amazing.


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I'm a Clinical Herbalist, Certified Integrative Nutrition Coach, and trained Yogi.

I was put on this planet to empower women through holistic living. And YOU, girlfriend, have found the perfect place to learn tools to upgrade your life-- body, mind and soul. This is a playful, transformational space. This is a no bull crap diet zone. This is a body-positive, light-filled haven. This is where women thrive.



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Wildflower Medicine is dedicated to donating 10% of all proceeds to charities working to end child slavery. Learn more here


One Love


Wildflower: The feminine, flourishing state of a plant that is free-spirited in nature, growing vibrantly through self-cultivation.

Medicine: The art of living in a way that enhances one's personal, communal and global health. One's entire life is one's medicine.


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I offer free 20-minute phone consultations as an opportunity for us to connect and explore how I may be of service to you.


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