Fourth of July Summer Cocktail

July fourth is right around the corner! I'm a big fan of holidays and letting loose now and then. You may be surprised to see a health coach serving up a cocktail recipe on her wellness blog... so enjoy the surprise! I know that July fourth is a big drinking day for many Americans, and I'm not here to rain on anyone's parade. Instead, I'm here to provide a healthier cocktail option so you can enjoy your holiday buzz without the guilt, sluggishness, or calorie-packed overload of many mixed drinks. Skip the downsides of sugar (of which there are TOO many), forget fake ingredients, and kiss that hangover goodbye. 


"Health Coach Approved" Summer Cocktail Recipe!




-Lemon juice (approx. 2-3 lemons per drink)

-Fresh mint

-Fresh basil

-Stevia to taste (preferably fresh plant but liquid form will do in a pinch)

-Alcohol of choice (I generally don't like vodka but enjoyed it here!)

-Natural fizzy water or spring/filtered water

-Anything else you want! I added blackberries and jasmine flowers from our yard. Try crushed blueberries or other summer fruits, minced ginger, cinnamon, lemon balm, hibiscus, whatever lights your fireworks ;)



Pour all ingredients over ice, shake it up and enjoy!



-Mint is cooling, aids digestion, and soothes an upset stomach

-Basil is anti-bacterial, stimulates the liver, and helps with digestion of fats (this drink pairs well with guacamole, burgers, or other fatty foods!)

-Lemon juice alkalizes the body (helps counterbalance acidity of alcohol) and contains vitamins like calcium, vitamin C, potassium, and more. Lemon juice is often used to aid in weight loss.

-Stevia is a plant that is naturally very sweet tasting, though it contains no sugar. It is a fantastic option for sweetening beverages without negative side effects of sugar or artificial sweeteners. Look for the plant to keep in your kitchen window, or buy in liquid form from your local health food store.

-This drink supports a sustainable lifestyle as most ingredients can be found locally (depending, of course, where you live-- visit your local farmers market for your ingredients!). 



Oh, you want more "health coach approved" cocktail ideas? A quick and wonderful substitute is a komboucha cocktail! Just add a shot to your favorite bottle of bouch and you're good to go!


***Disclaimer- Please note, I do not encourage anyone to begin or increase alcohol consumption. In fact, I believe some people would benefit from abstaining from or decreasing their alcohol intake based on their health goals. This post serves as inspiration for those who do choose to consume alcohol to do so in a way that is less harmful to the body, tastes refreshing, and can even help counterbalance effects of overeating "holiday food" due to the ingredients used. Thanks for making smart choices for YOUR body! And, as always, please never drink and drive. <3