Lavender Bath Salts


Lavender Bath Salts


Ready to melt stress away?

Salt soaks are nourishing on so many levels!

Physically, soaking helps relieve sore muscles, joints, and tension in the body. A quick relief for headaches, cramps and injuries. This formula includes sea salt, as salt is vital to the body and nourishes skin. The Epsom salt adds deeper physical relaxation, inflammation and pain relief, and helps counterbalance the dryness of sea salt. This formula also includes dried herbs (such as lavender and passionflower for relaxation, calendula and yarrow for skin healing, and chamomile for the divine scent!) as well as therapeutic grade essential oils for additional benefits. Natural anti-fungal properties make this a great ally for alleviating athletes foot and skin irritations (start slow with irritated skin). This well balanced formula leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth, not dry!

On an energetic level, salt is extremely cleansing. Taking 20 minutes for a restorative bath can help you recenter and shed that which no longer serves you.

Suggested Usage: Add a big handful to a running tub and enjoy!

Ingredients: sea salt (solar evaporated on PNW coast), epsom salt, lavender,* calendula,* passionflower,* chamomile,* yarrow,* geranium rose essential oil,* lavender essential oil,* rose hip seed oil,* baking soda (NOP certified & no added aluminum).

*Certified organic. Herbs are locally sourced and/or certified biodynamic as well when possible.

Size: 8 oz

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Made with love in Santa Cruz, CA

My story…

I can hardly believe how long it took me to get into bath salts! I think subconsciously it always felt “too” luxurious, as if I should be spending time working instead of relaxing in the bath… oh, how the times have changed! My husband (who experiences plenty of aches + pains) got me in the kick. I’ve admired how he takes a bath soak every day in the last year ,and I’ve seen him completely transform! Epsom soaks are serious pain-inflammation-stress relievers! This is a powerful, therapeutic tool for anyone with chronic pain. As for me… I’ve found taking a couple nights a week to soak in this formula has made my skin feel smoother (oh la la!) and brings some much needed relaxation into my life. I hope you find joy from your herbal soaks too!

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