Luscious Skin Salve


Luscious Skin Salve


This salve is truly luscious! Great for everyday use on hands, feet and body. This gentle blend deeply nourishes skin while containing natural anti-septic and anti-fungal properties to maintain a healthy skin microflora. Perhaps the best part— it smells heavenly!

I keep mine next to my bed and moisturize my hands every night. In the summer, I love how just a touch of this salve makes my legs shine! Also helpful for nourishing skin from changes in altitude, gardening hands, “I-do-too-many-dishes-and-my-hands-feel-like-a-cactus” hands, and kitty mama hands covered in scratches (like mine!).

Ingredients: yarrow,* calendula,* lavender,* chamomile,* rose hip seed oil,* geranium rose essential oil,* olive oil,* local bees wax, vitamin E.

*Certified organic. Herbs are locally sourced and/or certified biodynamic as well when possible.

Size: 2 oz

Made with love in Santa Cruz, CA

Learn more about my work principles involving sustainability and wildcrafting here

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