Scar Repair Oil


Scar Repair Oil

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The perfect oil to help heal and reverse the appearance of scars! Nourishing herbs break up scar tissue, increase circulation, and encourage cellular growth. Olive oil carries herbs deep into skin and nourishes skin tissue as well.

Recommended use: rub a nickel-sized amount of oil directly onto scar and surrounding skin. Massage into skin for one full minute (gently but firmly) 1-3 times a day to encourage skin’s regeneration.

Additional recommendations for repairing scars: avoid excessive sun exposure to scarred skin (cover with clothing, wraps, or band-aids) and stay hydrated! It takes time to see scar reversal, but it’s VERY possible to do!

Precaution: for external use only. Avoid use on open cuts.

Ingredients: comfrey,* yarrow,* calendula,* arnica,* lavender,* chamomile,* rose hip seed oil,* olive oil,* vitamin E.

*Certified organic. Herbs are locally sourced and/or certified biodynamic as well when possible.

Store in a cool, dark place.

Sizes: .5 oz or 1 oz

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Made with love in Santa Cruz, CA

Learn more about my work principles involving sustainability and wildcrafting here

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