Wildflower Medicine is Rooted in                A few main principles

~Everybody is different. For optimum health we must determine what foods, approaches and lifestyle decisions work best for each individual, while taking into consideration the whole.

~When given the chance, our bodies have an innate ability to heal themselves and thrive. The body is always changing so our approach must have flow and flexibility.

~We are all connected. One person's health, happiness, and vibe affects everyone around them, extending out to our global community. Habits & attitudes are extremely contagious. By bettering yourself, you are bettering the world.

~Sustainability matters. I encourage sustainable practices in my programs and my personal work as an herbalist. I hold strict ethical guidelines when sourcing plant allies & work with local, organic farmers whenever possible.


A note about wildcrafting (tending to plant stands in the wild in a mutually beneficial relationship)

I hardly ever wildcraft, but when I do, I follow ethical guidelines as taught to me by my teachers Karyn Sanders and Sarah Holmes at the Blue Otter School of Herbal Medicine.

I make sure to wildcraft and not "wild take." I always inspect the plant's habitat, making sure my craft will not harm the plant's family. I take into consideration any other people who may be tending wild stands. I never take more than half, never take more than needed, always ask the plant for permission, in accordance with tradition, and always spread their seeds and replant more than I take.

When crafting in this way, you can enjoy the amazing benefits of plant medicine while ensuring proper care and respect for our allies.