Goodbye UTI Program

Optional 1-4 month program duration

This program is designed for women experiencing recurrent UTIs (and/or related urinary or vaginal imbalances). In this one-on-one program we’ll explore what’s going on in your body/life and exactly what you can do about it. We’ll shoot directly for the root cause while also working to relieve uncomfortable symptoms and cover future prevention. I will help you see how food, lifestyle, and emotional wellbeing may be contributing to your condition and how you can positively evolve your habits. We will use “real food,” plant medicines, and holistic modalities to cleanse and soothe your body. I have personal experience overcoming some of these interrelated issues and I have a wealth of guidance to share.

Spoiler alert: I’m not gonna tell you to “wipe from front to back and always pee after sex!” Oh no, girl, we’re getting much deeper and way more real than that.


People in this program can enjoy benefits like:

-Significant improvement of an imbalance

-Feel less stress from UTIs

-Natural herbal anti-biotic formulas to defend your system

-Comfort and strengthening from plant medicines

-Improved digestion and immune system function

-Increased energy

-Strategies for stress relief

-Knowledge about prevention & balance to keep you healthy in the future

"Clare's great listening skills and probing questions led to the solution of my recurrent UTI's. She recommended some herbal supplements as well as lifestyle changes (like changing my water intake at different times of the day), and shipped me a UT health tea. It has been seven weeks since my last UT infection, a record for me in the past year."

-Molly E, Kansas City, MO


This program is right for you if you:

-Experience recurrent UTIs and/or other related issues

-Feel like you "have tried everything" & keep having problems

-Are ready to break the cycle of anti-biotic use

-Are open to making dietary & lifestyle changes to heal your body

-Are ready to be proactive and have a kick ass time along the way


This program includes:

-Two 1-hour sessions per month (via phone/Skype or in-person in Santa Cruz, CA)

-Organic herbal formulas (made just for you!) to build immunity, detoxify and soothe your system

-Clear handouts to explain topics and keep you armed

-Recommendations about the best supplements for your body (psst- I have NO affiliations! Just personal and professional recommendations)

-Email support in between sessions (I always have your back!)

-Bonus tools like books, teas, & other herbal goodies, depending on our journey together

-Unwavering support and guidance as you make changes to create the life you truly want <3


Investment of $400/month

(Two private sessions per month)

Optional 1-4 month duration of program

ALL INCLUSIVE-- organic herbal products and shipping covered too!

I wish I had this option when I was missing work to go to the ER, pick up prescriptions, and trying every supplement on the planet to find what works!



STEP 1:    Click the button above to sign up for a free 20-minute phone consultation.

STEP 2:    I'll respond via email within 2 business days to pick a date/time for our ASAP consultation.

STEP 3:    We’ll have a glorious phone chat together (catch me up to speed on your situation and ask me any questions) and if we both decide we’re a good fit, we’ll schedule out our virtual meetings (via phone or skype). 

STEP 4:    Payment for the month is due before our first scheduled meeting (credit card, check, or Venmo). Then we’ll take some deep breaths and tackle this thing together. We got this!



My story in a nutshell...

I used to get horrible UTIs. I mean, HORRIBLE. From age 4 to 24. One led to the next, which led to a yeast infection, apparent interstitial cystitis, and so on. For years. It felt like pain, anxiety, and peeing in a cup had become a part-time job for me. It seemed every doctor I saw was quick to write me a pharmaceutical prescription, but could never really help me prevent future infections or explain why I was getting SO many. One day a urologist told me I was getting close to becoming anti-biotic resistant from having taken so many prescriptions. I would soon have to come in and get shots in my butt instead of taking oral pills. This freaked me out. How had things gotten so out of control? Why did I feel more powerless and disconnected from my body after leaving a doctor’s office? I decided to take a stand right then and there that I would END THIS CYCLE. And so began my initial training in herbal medicine & holistic health. It was one hell of a journey and it was so totally WORTH IT. Today, infections are a thing of the past for me. Experiences I can now share to help others on their journey. I've figured out the missing pieces of the wellness puzzle that my doctors were never able to explain to me. With my extensive research & personal experience in this area specifically, I've helped multiple women who used to have chronic infections (and saw multiple doctors who couldn't resolve them) to NEVER get another infection again. I've studied it. I've lived it. I get it. Now let's get YOU over it and thriving.